Terms, Conditions & Care

  1. Verification of Graduate Status (Rings Only)

    Sales will be final only after the graduate status of the prospective purchaser is verified. If we are unable to verify the graduate status using existing databases, you will be contacted to provide us with fax or email copies of your certification. If this proves to be unavailable or fraudulent the sale will be cancelled and your credit card refunded.
  2. Payment Method

    Full payment by way of a valid Credit Card or, through a Bank transfer is required prior to shipment/ Collection of rings/ products.
  3. Ordering Information (Rings Only)

    There will be a delay of approximately two (2) weeks between the time the order is placed and the time the ring is shipped. As a result of the manufacturing process, Siladium rings will have a longer lead time and will be shipped within six (6) weeks of ordering.
    Ordering Information (other products) Generally delivery will be within three (3 ) working days of order placement. Where items are not in local inventory, the purchaser will be notified within one (1) working day of the alternative lead time.
  4. The purchaser is responsible for the international courier costs as well as all customs duty and/or other taxes, which may be charged in your home country.
  5. Refund Policy

    The team at www.uwirings.com hopes your purchase has exceeded expectations. However, if you would prefer an exchange (for a different selection) or refund (only in the event of damaged items) you may return your item within 7 days of its shipment/ receipt.

    Exchanges Exchanges are simple. You can return your purchase within 7 days of shipment. To exchange it for another selection we will simply credit or charge the difference.

    Faulty Goods Where the Products are faulty or damaged we can either:

    • Replace the Products
    • Repair the product under the manufacturers guarantee
    • Give you a full refund

    Return Procedure

    Wrap the Product securely along with all packaging and accessories and return it to us together with the invoice, which accompanied the Products to:

    UWIRINGS.com The Atrium UWI Bookshop The University of the West Indies St Augustine Campus Trinidad Please note that damaged items must be returned in the original packaging.


    Unfortunately there must be conditions and:

    • we cannot accept returns for refunds or exchanges on Jewellery that has been specially manufactured to order.
    • we cannot accept returns for refunds or exchanges on Jewellery that has been worn.
    • we cannot accept returns for refunds or exchanges on Jewellery that has been resized.
    • we cannot accept returns for refunds or exchanges on Jewellery that has been engraved.
    • we cannot accept returns for refunds or exchanges on Jewellery that has been altered or damaged in any way.

    Items will only be accepted if they are returned with their original packaging, along with all accompanying accessories, guarantees and instructions.

    Care of your Jewellery

    Silver and Gold rings will require periodical polishing by a professional jeweller so as to maintain their sheen.

    Siladium rings require absolutely no maintenance, as the material is a man made cromium/ cobalt compound which is very tough and never tarnishes and does not scratch easily.

    White Bronze rings are actually not made of bronze, but an alloy of varying amounts of copper, tin, and zinc. Similar in appearance, it is an ideal substitute for silver because of its chemical properties. Highly resistant to corrosion and breakdown, White Bronze is non-magnetic and has one main advantage over silver in that is does not tarnish as easily. But because we live in a world that has a lot of air pollution, white bronze will yellow over time and will need to be polished periodically. Your white bronze jewelry pieces need little maintenance. Simply wiping the surface with a polishing cloth or a soft cotton cloth, such as a tee shirt, before storing it will remove any body oils and dirt. Follow the steps below to clean your jewelry if you notice your white bronze piece(s) taking on more of a yellowish color. Store your items in a cool, dry place. The best protection is to place your item in a dry sealed zip lock bag.

    To keep your your white bronze buckles and jewelry looking their best:

    -Never shower, swim or bath with white bronze items on. -Keep your white bronze items in a dry non-humid place -Don’t keep white bronze items in the bathroom -Keep your white bronze items away from household chemicals & cleaners

    Freight and Handling costs

    Our Freight and handling cost is currently based on the international courier costs, however, there are no charges, for the return of faulty or defective goods.

    Residents of Trinidad and Tobago will have to contact us directly (868) 348-5075 for local duty paid pricing and delivery .

    Residents of Trinidad and Tobago will have the freight cost fully refunded if they choose to collect their ring at our point of sale office at the Atrium, UWI Bookshop, St. Augustine Campus.

    If you have any questions about our return procedure, please feel free to contact us.
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